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Hey V2 Cigs Australia
Just wanted to give you are big thanks for your products , I have been smoking cigarettes since i was 8 yrs old, am now 45 on up to 40 a day.
I've been using v2 cigs since the end of November and since then i have had only 2 analogue cigarettes, only because i was out and either a battery or cartridge ran out , but I am better prepared now :)
Have had a few goes at giving up over last few years , 3 with tablets, a couple with patches, lots of cold turkey, all to no avail .Started early november with an ego-t got zero nic liquid to start with but not satisfactory , v2 was my second e-cig ,started at 18% with v2, then 12% but am now on 6%
will be trying 0% next. Was looking at a permanent replacement to normal cigarettes but I think I may be able quit sooner or later , many thanks


Firstly, customer service is awesome!  Customer service answered all of my questions and gave me the confidence to try the product knowing that there is a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.  Then delivery was incredibly prompt, thanks so much! 
I have been vaping now for 5 days.  I am really impressed with the product. I was a die-hard smoker of nearly 30 years and don’t ever want to give it up but need an alternative product as my lungs are now starting to fail me after nearly 30 years of abuse. To the point where I had to smoke “1’s” in regular smokes as my lungs couldn’t handle anything stronger, but the desire for something stronger was still there. I am basically using the v2 product to “habit swap” rather than as a smoking cessation product.
 Thanks very much for giving me a decent viable alternative to regular smoking

hi Sales team,
 Just a thank you from a satisfied customer.  Your service was admirable prompt.  I ordered on Wednesday and the product arrived on Friday.
 As to the product.  After 2 days using the ecig I decided to compare it to my original cigarettes( as I had one packet left).  The results were astounding to me.  I felt physically ill with a real cigarette.  Many thanks for your product.  You have one satisfied customer who will not be going back any time soon.
 many thanks

So after a 16 years of smoking analogs about 20 a day I knew in the back of my head I had to do something. Even though I am extremely stubborn and thought it was only a matter of time till the effects were well....devastating to myself. So I was interested when my partner decided to take a leap and try an e-cig. I had never heard about them before. 2 days after she started using them I bite the bullet and ordered a starter kit. The first day I got these I kept my analogs on hand just in case, same on the second and third. On the forth I threw them out. 1 month now and without analogs and I'm not looking back. I even tried a puff of a friends to see. I won't need to ever again. Thank you V2 Australia, and an even bigger thanks for the amazing customer support. Anyways I think I've said enough.... I'm off for a vape :)



I received my starter pack this morning. First of all 10/10 for fast delivery. Paid for and received in 3 days to North Western NSW. That must be a record.
Anyway i charged  it up and had my first  drag and    WOW. I cant believe it actually feels like im having a ciggy. I originally bought the v2 thinking it might help me give up but now i know that i will give up with the use of the v2. Im going to throw away my smokes after this email. Im looking forward to a life without smokes.  
I have a friend who wants to give up so ill be sure to recommend the v2 to him. 1 extremely happy customer (and to be non smoker) here. Thanks heaps and ill let you guys know how it goes.

Russell Walker   


Thank you so much! We received our order today and its awesome!! Looking forward to finding the best flavour and ordering more! :)



Hello V2 Cigs Team,
I am writing to you to express how happy I am with the V2 Cigs product.
After being introduced to e-cigs from my neighbour (who uses an ego), I started looking for a cigarette lookalike. I purchased a "no-name" generic unit, it was bundled in a generic tin with cheap components and instructions written in broken english. The flavour was poor and the battery life was even worse. Within 2 weeks both batteries were dead and wouldn't take a charge, so I threw the whole lot in the bin.  But at least it did keep me off cigarettes for those 2 weeks so I had hope I could find a better product.
Not wanting to revert back to cigarettes I started searching user reviews and testimonials on the web.  Of the many many products out there one name kept coming up trumps, "V2", despite the higher price over other options I made a purchase of your Ultimate Kit with a few extra carts and an additional battery.  After only a couple of anxious days, which thoroughly tested my willpower, my V2 package arrived.
Wow.  What a difference. From the packaging, to the design, to the build quality, everything is exceptional.  The flavour cartridges are great, the Red is my favourite, and although I refill my carts, there's nothing like vaping through a new fresh V2 Red cart.  The battery life is very good for the size and the whole thing just feels well balanced and quality.
Now at the end of a long day when I sit outside with a nice cold beverage I reach for my V2. There's no stale smoke smell, not an ashtray in sight. I'm completely satisfied and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
After demonstrating my new V2 to my mother-in-law, I have now just ordered her a V2 Starter and some extra carts also.

Thank you so much for an excellent product and excellent service!



Hi guys,
Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt service and excellent communication. I ordered my V2 starter kit on Thursday morning (7:40am) and received my package just after lunch on Friday. This is by far the quickest delivery I have received!
I also text messaged your contact phone number on the Thursday night with a question regarding delivery, and got an immediate reply that directly answered my question.
I am thoroughly enjoying my V2 and am on day 2 of cigarette-free living!



Thank you so much for your great service.
Really appreciate it.


Hi there,
 Just writing to let you know how overjoyed we are with your customer service. Just got off the phone to Jeremy who we contacted about a faulty manual battery purchased last month...not only was it refreshing to be able to speak with a “real” person...but Jeremy’s customer service is second to none...his enthusiasm for the product and his willingness to please was very much appreciated.
 After dealing with Eversmoke in the U.S. we are soooo appreciative of fantastic customer service...we are still waiting for products ordered from Eversmoke over 30 days ago...this is before we found you guys in Aust...if only we had known sooner...Eversmoke fail to respond to emails, we are unable to phone them...and they don’t seem to want to phone us ??  and we have had to resort to leaving msg’s on their Facebook page in order to get a response...we have stated on their FB page how superior V2 customer service is...have since noted our comments have apparently been deleted...  We have had a pack of faulty cartridges which we contacted them about ages ago...NO response....and as stated still waiting for an order we paid for well over a month is a shame because we did like their product, but their service for their international customers is absolutely appalling...this has made us even more committed to sticking with V2...and with affordable efficient express postage...fantastic customer service (take note Eversmoke)...why the hell wouldn’t you ??
 Once again...thank you Jeremy !! it was lovely dealing with you. 
Kind Regards,

Pat and Wolfgang 



"In July of 2011, I began hearing about electronic cigarettes and did a lot of research on the web. I came across V2 and read all the reviews on it I could find. I was impressed with the tutorials everyone was writing and decided to give V2 a try. I received my V2 starter kit on 13 Aug 2011 and that was the last day I smoked a conventional cigarette. V2 delivers thick vapor and the "hit" in the back of throat does the trick. I haven't pick up a cigarette in over a year now and I truly owe it all to V2. I have absolutely no cravings to smoke. Thank you."

-Cynthia Shaner


"I've smoked for 16yrs and at age 36 was starting to feel ill effects from cigarettes. I coughed most of the night and had a sore throat in the mornings and worst of all the smell. In April of 2011 my daughter was born and when I would pick her up she would smell like smoke, it was too much. Now since I switched to V2 I haven’t touched an analog. My daughter doesn’t have to be exposed to smoke and I feel great, thanks V2."

-Chris Mills


"My husband and I have been chain smokers for well over a decade. We looked into the different brands of e-cigs and what people were saying and decided to call V2 our new home. It's been 1 week now and we have been totally analog free and WOW what a difference. Our since of smell has improved, food taste better, we are both snoring less, sleeping better and I'm not as groggy in the morning. Me and my husband thank you and my kids really thank you. We are never going back!"



"V2 turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made! Not more than a couple months later my wife also became pregnant, and so V2 has been a blessing for her. I myself used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, after a few months I am now down to a cartridge every few days. I think your product easily stands up to all the competition, a friend had some cheap e-cig & it was a JOKE! V2 has been a blessing not only to my wife and I but we have also got my mother, my father, my sister, my cousin, and my wife's mother to ALL switch with V2!"



"As a professional singer, the last thing I needed to be doing was smoking... it wrecked my voice and made it much harder to hit and hold notes for very long. I have to say I was hesitant to try the e-cig at all. Well, fast forward 4 months after trying V2 Cigs not one cigarette! Not even an urge! I feel amazing, great amount of energy, and feeling like I can really do this! I have freedom to go anywhere again! As far as products go, the V2 is the absolute best- great vapor, tastes just like a Marlboro (Red cartridge), and I'm telling everyone I know to get one! Amazing. Just amazing! Thank you, V2!"

-Richard Lee


"For those skeptics out there, I will tell you that the only thing I had a problem with is changing my more having go outside! No more having to clean out smelly ash trays, no more having to wait until the kids left, no more feeling guilty. NO MORE! And food taste wonderful....and I can smell...everything....LIFE IS GOOD!"

-Gregory Miller


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